School Bus advertising

In 2011 Utah passed a bill allowing advertisements on school buses. The bill, HB-199, was created to provide schools an additional form of fundraising. The bill requires all school bus advertisements to be age-appropriate and positive for the image of the school. 

At Yellowbus Media our goal is to help you put HB-199 to work in your school district. When done right, school bus advertising can generate significant revenue to help offset your school district’s transportation costs.

We put the bus in business

To help you maintain your focus on education, Yellowbus Media offers to oversee and execute the following advertising functions:

  1. Sell the ad space to businesses 
  2. Work with businesses to plan HB199-compliant advertising campaigns
  3. Print, Install, and remove all ads
  4. Collect and distribute revenue to your school district

As your advertising partner, Yellowbus Media receives a portion of all sales.

Consider the possibilities

You have a fleet of untapped fundraising resources—put your buses to work! Our turn-key operation comes to you with no cost, no risk, and little effort on your part. collect thousands of dollars each month by using your buses to house small, wholesome ads to offset your transportation costs.