"School Bus Advertising Doesn't Work."                        

8 Common Objections to School Bus Advertising:

  • School Buses Only Run a Few Hours a Day - The average Utah school bus spends more than 6 hours a day on the road and is seen more than 20,000 times a day. Utah school buses travel up to 4,200 miles a month, about 80% of the distance a city transit bus travels.
  • School Buses Don't Reach our Target Market. School buses travel through local neighborhoods, displaying your advertisement to the at-home market. They are seen by students and their parents every day at school and at the bus stop. They also run on city streets and on busy highways. School bus ads target the same segment as billboards and city transit ads, but also reach the neighborhood market.
  • Can't Measure Return On Investment (ROI). While data indicates thousands of impressions per day, any form of outdoor advertising cannot be measured perfectly. However, there is a reason most companies still invest in it. Research indicates outdoor advertising increases the value of your brand, which increases loyalty and repeated purchases.
  • Online Advertising is All I Need. Online advertising is undoubtedly very useful. However, studies show that outdoor advertising increases online traffic and engagements by 211%. Online users need to recognize your brand to know what to click on. Using only online advertising places you at a significant disadvantage to the competition. 
  • This Doesn't Fit in My Budget. School bus ads are the most cost effective form of outdoor media available, at about $0.34 per thousand impressions. For every transit bus ad you purchase, you can buy 4 school bus ads. That's 320% more exposure for the same price. For the price of one billboard, you can typically purchase 6-7 school bus ads that are more targeted. 
  • School Bus Advertising is Unproven. Our clients would tell you otherwise. While school bus advertising is a new industry in Utah, many innovators have jumped in and are seeing amazing results. School bus ads have already become a staple for media buying in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas. It's only a matter of time before school buses find their way into your budget discussions. 
  • School Bus Don't Run During the Summer. Although buses run for about 6 weeks for summer school, we offer summer as part of your yearly contract free of charge.
  • It's Unethical to Advertise on School Buses. In 2011 Utah passed HB-199 allowing advertisements on school buses. The Utah lawmakers envisioned the bill as a way to raise much needed funding for Utah schools, which are ranked #50 in spending per pupil. At Yellowbus Media we take pride in contributing the majority of the generated advertising revenue back to local schools. Every ad you purchase helps fund school programs and provides better opportunities to children. HB-199 also ensures that all school bus ads are age-appropriate and family-friendly.

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